July, 2008: Report of the Biotechnology state in the Region of Valencia

Last 4th of July, the first report of the Biotechnology state in the Region of Valencia was presented at the Chamber of Trade of Valencia, with the attendance of the President of the Chamber of Trade of Valencia, Arturo Virosque, the Officer for Industry, Tourism and Trade, Belén Juste, together with the President and Manager of BIOVAL, Ignacio González and Mª Eugenia González.

The report carried out by BIOVAL describes the actual state of the biotechnological business tissue of the Region of Valencia, identifying every company in the sector.

Biotechnology in Spain is recognised as one of the five strategic actions in the R&D National Plan. In five years, biotecnology´s business tissue has increased over 100%, from 24 companies in 2003 to 51 in 2007. Such increase places us as one of the three national regions with bigger number of biotech companies.

These 51 companies have a uniform distribution by biotechnology sectors: red or human health (33%), green or foodstuff (32%) and white or industry related, energy or bioprocess (27%). The left over (8%) are miscellaneous companies.

Though the numbers of biotechnological companies are equally distributed, this report also shows that 56% of the turnover and 50% of the R&D investment are from the foodstuff sector.

During the act Professor Jorge Niosi from the University of Québec, exposed the project of Valencia bioregion. Professor Niosi has also taken part in the development of other successful bioregions. He will coordinate the international team of experts which will collaborate with BIOVAL in the analysis of the sector and elaborate a blueprint.

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